Your Sales Growth Is Our Focus

About Us

The National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP) is founded on the principles of superior sales psychology, sales behaviors, outstanding influence and leadership of the top sales executives around the world. NASP provides sales professionals programming, strategies, accountability and a community utilizing a combination of breakthrough methodology, psychology and technology.  This methodology has created impactful and more importantly sustainable long-term changes and results for more than 500,000 individuals and more than 50 companies worldwide. NASP supports hundreds of thousands of individuals’  experiencing the necessary resistance to create transformative and lasting growth in their sales career from landing a job to prospecting all the way to closing the deal.

NASP is sales professionals home to become certified, effective and efficient to maximize results. NASP is comprised of dynamic men and women who have distinguished themselves as leaders in the rapidly changing world of sales.

They have committed to advancing their careers and financial security by breaking old patterns and building new powerful habits. Our community links career-minded professionals together into a worldwide peer network. This further increases sales people's credentials, leading to even more visible stature as a Sales Professional.

With over 30 years of real-world experience, research and development, NASP’s psychology has been validated by the University of Michigan and the University of Arizona. NASP is an international training and personal development company, dedicated to helping organizations and sales people translate training, facilitation and programming into long-lasting results.